Here you will find popular questions and answers regarding our products and services. If your query is not listed below, please drop us an email and we will answer you as quickly as possible.

What are the benefits of buying a product from Centhury?
  • The products are natural.
  • Skin whitening.
  • Removing pimples.
  • There are products for all body parts.
  • There are products for everyone.
  • There are a variety of products.
  • Skin protection from environmental hazards.
  • Reduce wrinkles.
  • Skilled in managing dry skin.
  • Vagina tightening creams.
  • Moisturizing skin.
  • Freshness in skin.
  • Daily fresh smell.
  • Removing dark spots.
  • Protecting and keeping genitals fresh.
  • The process is very simple and fast.
Are the products natural?

Yes, the products provided by Centhury Cosmetics are all natural.

How long will it take to receive my order?

The order will take approximately 2-7 working days. Filling in the correct delivery address and contact details Is essential to avoid any unforeseen delays.

What are the working hours?

The site is always available 24/7 to peruse through and select items and place orders but, the official working hours for transactions to start taking place is Mon-Friday 8am-5pm. (Delivery process, Responses etc).

How do you become a representative for Centhury?

It’s easy! Click on the icon (Become a Representative) on the home page and follow the steps. Make sure you know how to spread the word! Its super easy and exciting!!

How long will it take to start seeing results?

The Centhury products should be used at least twice a day preferably in the morning and then in the night. Skins are different, and products may have different reactions to each skin, but using it accordingly without skipping any days and using all the products for each body part is essential for even better results. In approximately 4-6 weeks (if products used accordingly) you will start to see results.

How long does it take to return or get a refund for a product?

Products are sold “as is”. You assume the responsibility for your purchase, and no refunds will be issued. You may contact us within 5 days from the purchase date if you wish to exchange your purchase for a product of equal value. You may not exchange a product that has been used or damaged.

What products can be returned, upon delivery?
  1. Damaged items (Eg. Bottle broken, Bag Torn) or Allergy / Skin irritation
  2. Wrong colour / Item looked different on the website 
  3. Product didn’t work (Eg. Aerosol broken) 
  4. Wrong Size
  5. Duplicate Order (Received 2 orders the same)