About Centhury Cosmetics

Centhury Cosmetics is an online brand store. We specialize in enhancing the beauty of all individuals, using natural products.
Centhury Cosmetics supplies the best skin care products. We also give tips on maintaining a great physical appearance and gaining confidence. Beauty starts within. Both males and females can enjoy Centhury Cosmetics products.
We are the sole distributor in South Africa for the Sostar Skincare Range. We’ve included the Sostar Profile below for more information about our products.

Sostar Skincare Profile


Beauty is our Passion

Sostar S.A. is a cosmetic producer, located in Oreokastro, Thessaloniki. The office and industrial facilities of the company are self-owned. It’s spread within an area of 2000sqrm. All our facilities follow the strict European Regulations.
We produce a wide range of high quality products. For example face care, body care hair care etc. Our products contain natural extracts and essences. This makes them skin friendly while following the latest beauty trends.



High quality and Safety is very important for us. We want to be sure that our products will satisfy you and are safe for your skin. And we need proofs.
The National Organization for Medicines has provided us with a GMP certificate. This ensures the best quality. not only for the manufacturing process, but also for the final product as well.
The QAC (Quality Assurance & Control Systems Laboratories) tests all our products. They are an European external laboratory that checks and validates every batch production. They ensure the best quality.
All our products come with CPNP registration (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal). An European Cosmetics portal based in Brussels.
We’re certified by British Lloyd’s Register LRQA with ISO 22716 for the production and packing, and storage procedure.



Our company teamed up with the Veterinary School of Aristotlean University of Greece. We developed an unique and innovative range of cosmetics enriched with donkey milk. Donkey milk is an ingredient well known since 5,000 BC. It was used in ancient Greece by Hippocrates for wound healing and skin regeneration.
In Egyptian antiquity, donkey milk was used for both alimentary and cosmetic purposes. It was used for both internal and external inflammation. Also as a nutritious drink for children and infants.
In Ancient Rome, it was used as a drink for the aristocracy. Women, being aware of its beauty enhancing properties, used it to keep youth. They say that Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, took baths in donkey milk to preserve the beauty and youth of her skin.
Our suppliers are organic certified local farms. They carry out microbiological and physicochemical controls on each batch. This ensures the excellent quality of the milk.
Consumers become more aware of product ingredients and their potential risks. We want to ensure that our products offer cleaner and safer formulation as possible.
Sostar’s mission is to create products with excellent sensory qualities. Superb textures, technological advanced formulas and soothing aromas that promote everyday well being.
Sostar S.A. is a Gold member of Greek Exporters.